Jessica's art resume

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Decorating & Buying
[currently working] “Flipped” - Funny or Die // Quibibuyer, TV series
“Into the Dark: Nasty Piece of Work” (segment) - Blumhouse // Huludecorator, TV series
“The Muppets” - Soapbox Productions // Disneybuyer, TV series
“Fox Sports NFL Kickoff” - Fox Sportsbuyer, commercial
“Turbo Tax” – Haven Mediaset decorator, commercial
“Verizon” – Hungry Manbuyer, commercial
“Into the Dark: New Year, New You” – Blumhouse // Huluassistant set decorator, TV series
“Into the Dark: Pooka” – Blumhouse // Huluassistant set decorator, TV series
“Spiriva” – Oil Factorybuyer, commercial
“V.I.P.” (10 episodes) – Very Important Manset decorator, TV series
“Stories With Kev” - Hartworld Entertainmentset decorator, web series
Production Design & Art Direction
“ELKS Drug Awareness” - Defy Mediaproduction designer, web series
“Club Mickey Mouse: Back to School” – Disney Digital Network // Video Disneyart director, web series
“The Turpin Family” – ITN // Oxygenproduction designer, TV special
“Hasselblad” – DJIart director, commercial
“StubHub Super Bowl Influencer” – Contendart director, commercial
“Pistol Shrimps” – Citizen Jones // TruTVproduction designer, TV series
“Attraction” [LA unit] - Eminence Entertainmentproduction designer, feature
“Evil Things” (1 episode) – Painless Television // TLCart director, TV series
“Abrakadabra by Hello Kylie” - Detail Filmart director, music video
“Getaway” - Space Rebel Productionsproduction designer, short
“Prove Me Wrong by Dylan Murray” - Detail Filmart director, music video
“TRNDSTTR by Black Coast” - HK Corpart director, music video
“Revival!” - Jupiter Film Groupart director [segment], feature
“City of Dogs” - dir. Matthew Ern-Leeproduction designer, feature
“09:00” - dir. Kimi Liuproduction designer, short
“The Tiger in the White” - dir. Mario Perezproduction designer [segment], short
"He and Rock & Roll" – dir. Sherry Zhouproduction designer, short
Bose Noise-canceling Headphones – dir. Mandy Liart director, spec commercial
“Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead” – Cappricielliscenic designer, full-length play
“Jazz is Dead” – Hollywood Casting and Filmproduction designer, short
“Producing with Limited Resources” – CreatorUp & Youtube director, web series
“Feather River Educational Video Series” – CreatorUp & Hachitan Entertainmentart director, industrial
“Agape Blue” – Hollywood Casting and Filmproduction designer, short
“Taking a Chance on Love” – Cappricielli production designer, short
“Scarlett” – dir. Robert Crossproduction designer, short
“The Dream” – dir. Casey Blackart director, short
Props & Misc.
“Perfect Harmony” - 20th Century Foxprop assistant, pilot
“Mr. Mom” - Digital Fireprop assistant, TV series
“El Tonto” – El Tonto Picturesprop assistant, feature
“All Night” (10 episodes) – Awesomeness TV // Huluprop assistant, TV series
“Catfish Promo” – Viacom // MTVprop master, commercial
“Baskin Robbins” - Strange & Wonderfulprops production assistant, commercial
“Grandma's House” - Lifetime Movie Networkprop master, feature
"Trouble Sleeping" – dir. Rob Adetuyiprop master, feature
“Dove” – GenPoplead, commercial
“X” – Refinery29set dresser, short
“Club Mickey Mouse: Holiday Special” – Disney Digital Network // Video Disneyset dresser, web series
“Yes Britannia by Watsky” - Steel Wool Productionsset dresser, music video
“Ben Lorentzen Music Video” - Steel Wool Productionsset dresser, music video
“My Crazy Ex” (21 episodes) – Painless Television // Lifetime Movie Networkset dresser, TV series2
“All Earthly Constraints” - Gold Hat Picturesset dresser, feature
“Born a Chinese Girl” – dir. Qianzhu Luoset dresser, short
“Fragile Storm” – Palm Street Filmsset dresser, short
“Atropa” - The Film Groupart production assistant, miniseries
“Things Green” – Environmental Media Broadcasting // CBSproduction assistant, TV series

Additional Information

  • Member of IATSE Local 44 – Property, in good standing

  • Local hire: Los Angeles, San Diego

  • Creative skills including but not limited to: shopping, crafting & prop fabrication, drawing, painting, sculpting, basic graphic design/photoshop

  • Own: kit (essential tools and expendables), car, personal store of props and dressing, laptop, printer/scanner

  • Established relationships with prop houses all over the LA area

  • Sense of humor intact

  • Able to travel