Boundaries, Bicycles, and Bazooka Bubblegum

Lately I've been feeling pulled in a lot of directions, and despite several utterly WASTED childhood birthday wishes, my ligaments are not made out of Silly Putty. So I've been doing my best to let the winds of fate blow me wherever they may, and only attempt to orient myself once I've made contact with something solid.

Life recently has revolved around boundaries and, more specifically, how to set them. For starters, I was Art Director on a job which was causing me to neglect other very important aspects of my life; and while it would have been a good experience, the pay fell into the category of "demoralizing." Now, I know in this juncture of my life/career I should not expect to be paid what I'm worth, but I also don't have to accept being paid as though I'm worthless. So I set a self-worth boundary for myself and stepped down from the position with as much grace as one can do while saying, "Later, boners!"

In addition to that gig, I've lost both a relationship and a bicycle. The bicycle was stolen off my balcony last night. It would be impressive if it wasn't so obnoxious. Break-ins and robberies have been at the top of my list of worst fears for most of my life, because of the lack of control and violation of boundaries. And while I do feel invaded and extremely creeped out that some man or woman was suspended from my balcony last night, I'm okay. I've been able to accept the reality with a modicum of ease. Still bummed though. It was a nice bike. THROWBACK TO WHEN I FIRST BLOGGED ABOUT IT. *tear* Remember when I didn't have to pay for web hosting?

As for the relationship, well, now I've lost two things that were fun to ride. UP TOP. No but really, the whole thing has been a major bummer and I wish things like love and a common interest in stir-fry were enough to keep people together.


Over the past couple weeks I've covered a lot of terrain, LA-culture-wise, and I'd like to do my version of a recap, which is still twice as long as anyone else's blog.

1. "Did" West Hollywood

You guys, it is EVERYTHING people say it is. There's just a huge strip of bars along Santa Monica Blvd lit up with neon rainbow signs bumping Carly Rae Jepsen remixes. It's packed, it's lively, and it is 100% guaranteed that every platform dancer hangs serious dong. Casey and I joined our friend and his two friends for the WeHo bar sampler. Thank god those two were with us, otherwise we sexy women (and 1 assured hetero male) would have had to wait in much longer lines. We hit up Micky's, Flaming Saddles, and Mother Lode. Each club had a different vibe and, seemingly, and different category of "gay." All were equally fun and BOOTY-GRAB FREE. I'm telling you, people! It's the promised land foretold of in the Gay Bible, right after the chapter about the parting of the Butt Sea.

2. Hiked the Culver City Stairs

Fuck that, right?

Fuck that, right?

My fitness-junkie friend wanted to celebrate her birthday upon this beast of a staircase at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. Well, I had neither been to or heard of such a place, so when deciding what to wear, I did a brief Google search. Well, guys, little did I know that whatever photo I had referenced was actually a picture of the stairs from half-way up. You can imagine Casey and my's surprise when we arrived in our tennis sneakers (or, in Casey's case, moccasins) and realized we would be climbing an Aztec fucking pyramid. Luckily, despite the intense height it's only about a 15-minute climb, and the breeze when you get to the top is ORGASMIC. Words you never want to hear at the top: "That was fun... let's do it again!"

3. Went to Brokechella

I think the color of this submission call is "Brokechella yella'."

I think the color of this submission call is "Brokechella yella'."

Second year of doing Brokechella in place of a tradition I've never been a part of! Brokechella was super fun this year; virtually the same set-up as last year but a little more organized and a lot more crowded. I got an awesome Crayola coloring book which syncs with an app that turns your drawings into flying 3-D characters. I did not, however, get a free Spearmint Rhino stress ball like last year. Lame.

SIGN-OFF ANNOUNCEMENT: Next week I'm escaping LA and spending a week as a camp counselor! I'll be up in Occidental which, according to the internet, is a town that does not have any gas stations. I'm excited to escape the literal and mental smog of Los Angeles and just make lanyards and go on 5-hour hikes and sing songs about the cost inflation of Bazooka bubblegum.