Boogie Exciting

Due to a combination of my lack of experience in my profession and in life as we know it, I always default to panic the second I'm not swamped with work. Especially coming off such an all-consuming project as a feature film, I've settled like the little particles of snowglobe sand back into my "daily routine." The quote-unquote is there because truthfully, I don't actually have a set routine in any circumstance. I wake up every morning wondering what time I've woken up, achieve most of my face-the-day obligations the way a pinball machine scores points, and somehow manage to squeeze a living out of the 12-14 hours that follow. I think the only true routine is that I do this every day.

This, friends, is the glamorous life of an artist.

Did I mention I can't afford cable?

Anyway, in the midst of me crunching imaginary numbers (such as √i) in my head of how poor I would soon be if I didn't get another gig soon, life brought in a monsoon of opportunities. It was so exciting and surprising it nearly knocked me off my metaphorical boogie board.

Specifically, this metaphorical boogie board.

Specifically, this metaphorical boogie board.

Everything ranging from referrals, to replies to resumes I sent out, to straight up out-of-the-blue phone calls came pouring in for new opportunities for me between yesterday and today... all doing things that I love! No further details until things are cemented, but the main point is that WOW. Life gave me like 24 hours to doubt it before it pulled through and was all, "Nah J you cool, get on my back and let's do this." And so I'm flopping my belly right back on my boogie board and letting life carry me to the next exciting thing.

In summary: grateful that I get to have the life that I have. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.

Well, my thai take-out showed up 15 minutes early and urgently needs to be addressed. Talk to you later boo-boos.


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