Vacation: All I Ever Wanted (More Of)

Sappy holiyays, y'all. By now you have successfully experienced Channukah, Christmas, and the coming and going of Our Lord Satan (it was a very brief visit-- just some laundry and then back down to hell).

After completing Week 8 of the eternal feature, I finally caught a break to go down to San Diego for some special So Cal chillaxin'. This included watching Family Christmas Vacation 1.5 times, spending my sweet-ass time doing 8 weeks' worth of laundry, and trying mincemeat pies for the first time. Mincemeat pie: contains neither meat nor anything otherwise minced. Discuss.

What are you and why have you come to our planet?

What are you and why have you come to our planet?

I can't decide which part was better: the number of friends and family I was able to see, or the perpetually un-harried sensation I felt being with them. I'm well past the age where holidays only mean sugar cookies and class parties. I'm very used to vacation being this too-fast-too-slow thing where it's like, "You gotta coordinate to see all these people within a 48-hour timeframe or else they'll resent you, and if you do see them then you are contractually obligated to give them a gift or else they'll resent you except not really but internally you demand it of yourself!" And then 30 hours later I'm all, "Well fuck, I'm exhausted but I managed to find/purchase/create/wrap all those gifts and meet those people for dinner/coffee/movies/sex/brunch and I've got 18 hours left and I'm beat down but somehow I'm now BORED so I'll just drive back home and be bored there instead." *French exit*

It's really great.

This year was not that. And I think it has everything to do with the small lapses-- or as I call them, pre-vacays*-- that took place not too long before Winter break. Our movie has had one or two brief hiatuses (hiati? Haiti?) throughout the holiday season, so with Thanksgiving I actually got a decent little break in there before resuming work again for a week or two. Then I went on actual vacation. I see that having the smaller break made the landing softer. I had that week to catch up on pressing things left to neglect such as housework, dentist appointments, etc., so by the time The Big Break happened I wasn't scrambling to do quite as many things. I was able to treat it like a vacation and not just Housewife Obligationfest 2015.

And yes, cult classicists, I only saw the 2004 remake. And I LIKED it.

And yes, cult classicists, I only saw the 2004 remake. And I LIKED it.

This mindset made it much easier to enjoy things. I watched "Carol" with my dad because he invited me and had no idea what it was about. And you know what, it was only sort-of weird, not painfully weird! Completely unrelated note: at the La Jolla AMC you can bring alcohol into the theatre.

Gettin' ratchet with Blanchett.

Gettin' ratchet with Blanchett.

I dunno, I guess what I'm trying to say is... vacations should be longer, homework sucks, and teachers are lame.

That's really all I have to say about that. So howzabout I briefly review movies?!



The part of the blog where I briefly review movies I've seen

1. Carol

Totally enjoyable, in a very slow-burn sort of way. The experience is less like watching a movie and more like walking slowly through an art gallery with the A/C turned on. The story and conflict is crystal clear, which I imagine is why they so very subtly introduce it into your bloodstream. You spend the whole movie waiting for them to say the word "lesbian" and they don't even do it once. Instead you're just floored by the beauty and talent on the screen, from the actors to the set design to the costumes. And you spend a lot of time gaping at close-ups of Mara Rooney; like, is this chick's face for fucking real?

2. Sisters

I love Tina Fey. I like Amy Poehler. I adore Maya Rudolph. I feel like Rachel Dratch is my real mom and there was some hospital mix-up when I was born. If you agree with these statements, go see Sisters. Now, what I will say is that Sisters is not for 30 Rock fans. The jokes aren't especially snappy and err on the side of crass. There are moments of canned writing and sloppy directing; it could use some clean-up. But it's okay because Sisters isn't trying to be legendary. It's just a fun, silly movie that will make you laugh if you go into the theatre wanting to laugh. It reminded me of Old School with a little less wind in its sails.

3. The Little Death

Okay, this came out in 2014 but I saw it pop up on Netflix and I decided to give it a go. I'm reviewing it for the very unbiased reason that I enjoyed it. This is an Australian indie romance about how certain fetishes and sexual ticks affect several different couples. It's a great watch for anyone who is sexually frustrated and wants to not feel so weird about that. [a crushing and infinite awkward silence takes hold of the room] But if anything, just watch it for the sign language scene at the end. I thought it was clever and beautiful and unexpected and feelings.

John Heder gets it.

John Heder gets it.

Also, just throwing it out there: Australians are super hot.


*I don't call them that, and neither should you.